BLOG | Posting on Git Hub

February 3, 2014

Recently one of our clients encouraged us to begin posting some of our work on GitHub.  For those of you who don't know GitHub is a place where programmers can showcase their work and other programmers can borrow it for their own projects.  Well loved projects can garner a great deal of interest in the programmers who built them.  So I went ahead and created an account and then a project on the site.

We had built a custom piece of JQuery code for the new website we designed and built for The Redwood Cafe to make the home page background fade image to image in a smooth way.  When we looked around the internet I could not find anything that met all of my criteria so we just built it ourselves from scratch.  This seemed a perfect peice to post so we put some buff and polish on the code and posted.  We already have one contributor to the project after only a few days; we will see what the future brings.  I am going to give a lot of technical details about the code we posted in the next posting so hang on for the details.  But for now if you are curious the code can be found here: