BLOG | Interns

March 12, 2016

Maria and HeatherGrowing a business is difficult.  And when things are as tight as they are in the website and web application industry, going from a one man shop to a larger organization is a daunging task.  We have been working with Modesto Junior College on an internship program and our current batch of interns are turning out to be just what the doctor ordered.  

Heather is a part-time student who already had a degree from U.C.L.A. and was seeking a career change.  She is now working at five days a week and really helping us grow the business.  She is smart, enthusiastic, and has a great design eye.

Maria is a full time student who only has a few hours a week to spend working at Inventaweb.  But in those few hours she has already proved herself to be valuable and someone we want to work with full time.  Her specialty is DevOps, managing servers and databases for our projects.

With local talent like this we are finding it much easier to grow our business, take on larger projects, and create a larger consultancy for Modesto businesses to lean on for all of their website needs.