BLOG | Emotional Impact

March 12, 2014

Just got back from meeting with a client and a principle that I have often espoused came front and center in our meeting.  They want a website that is going to move people emotionally but not only that, they want that emotional impact to cary through when the customer comes to their office.  Two things need to be done to accomplish this.

  1. The site needs to be emotionally impactful.   They are an architecture firm and they do beautiful design.  They designed their own offices and I was impressed with everything.  Shapes, colors, design elements.  All beautiful and it had an impact on me.  That same impact needs to be carried through to their website.
  2. The website needs to connect back to their office.  When the client visits the website and there is an emotional impact then visits the offices of these fine folk, the office needs to remind them of the feeling the website gave them as soon as they walk in the door.
Not every customer can achieve this as not many of them are able to design their own building.  In this case this is a core goal for the development of the website.  Their design ethic has curves, muted earth tones, natural materials, transparency all built in so this becomes my guide in designing a website for them.  

The objective is an emotional circle feeding back and forth between their new website and their offices.  When the site is up I will post some pictures of their offices and a link to the website so you can be the judge.  Here is a teaser pic I took on my phone while there today.

Update: The client ended up going a completely different direction from this but the site is looking awesome.  Waiting on a few final pieces of information from the client before launching but the site will very soon be here: