BLOG | Business Software

November 12, 2016

A successful business software project requires three things from the consultants.

  1. The ability to understand the business processes expressed by the client.
  2. The ability to query the client in a deeper way to discover the gotchas that often kill business projects.
  3. The ability to execute the project successfully.

The first point above simply takes time to develop.  Younger consultants and firms simply can not have the broad business experience that is necessary to understand the details of each business.  Some younger consultants may find a niche where they understand the processes but if your business is in any way unique they will quickly become lost.  There is no substitute for broad experience when planning a project to address your specific business needs.

Even consultants with a broad experience may not have the ability to understand a client's process more deeply.  This ability is what divides engineers from consultants.

Finally, any consultant chosen to complete a business project needs to have a proven track record for delivering high quality and secure projects to their clients.

At Inventaweb, we have a proven track record, have over 30 years of experience in producing business software, and are regularly praised by our clients for our ability to understand their needs not just at a surface level, but deeply.  If you want to be insanely happy about your new business software project, give us a call today.