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February 27, 2014

Our dear friend Malcolm Mackinnon really needed a website for his ministry so we decided to build him one.  As of the posting of this blog entry he does not yet know that we have a site up for him.  It is going to be fun revealing this site to him.  We have a inventa plug in that allows us to pull all of the videos from a YouTube channel and we used that to good effect here.  Malcolm has (as of the writing of this blog) 87 videos on YouTube of his original and entertaining Bible based visual teachings.  All of the videos have been filmed at Trinity Bible Chruch where he is one of the pastors.  I am hoping that this site will encourage him to start recording the presentations he does at schools and for other organizations and posting them.

Malcolm is a great guy with a passion for teaching the Bible using his original art.  Check out his site here: