What is so special about Inventaweb that we say we are "reinventing the way websites are built"?  

Most web designers are not craftsmen, so they build websites by leveraging plugins.  This works for a few clients who have totally standard needs, but not for all.  We are firm believers that every website should be crafted to the exact needs of the client.  No one wants their business problems solved with a plugin that doesn't quite fit (like a bad pair of shoes).  We work with every client to examine their business needs and solve their problem with a custom solution that fits them perfectly.


Who is Inventaweb?

We are a group of dedicated web developers who are first programmers and database professionals and second designers.  We can do good design - this site is an example of our design ethic - but we prefer working with A-list designers to make our clients insanely happy.  We do work with a few select clients directly but mostly prefer to white label our services to top shelf designers.  

Inventaweb does take direct projects for business software systems.  From helping dairies manage their reporting needs to building a social network for college professors, our work is inventive and skillful.  Call us today if you need business software custom built to fit your exact needs.

The Chancellor's Office of the California Community College system reached out to us to build a website that would allow Entrepreneurship teachers to share curriculum. We loved the idea and the challenge and gave them this amazing website. Unfortunately it is only open to teachers, but we have produced a how to video for the site so now you can see the site too. Check out the video at:

Case Study:

The Problem: They needed us to create a social website that would allow professors to share curriculum that they have created with others.  They desired an attractive, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly site.

Our Solution: Small teams of highly skilled programmers are more efficient than large consulting firms at producing high end software systems on time and within a budget.  We decided to leverage the power of Google's Angular framework for the front end to enhance the user's experience and the SlimPHP framework to make the backend flexible and fast.

Execution: We pounded out the system in about three months as promised.   The system was highly usable, and as a bonus, we "gamified" the system by allowing users to earn badges for their participation.

Results: We love to have a client come back after a year and say that they love the system, but they want more.  Version 1 was a success, and it looks like Version 2 of this system is going to be an even bigger success.

The Stanislaus Business Alliance, our local economic development corporation, was going through huge changes and a rebranding at the same time. The local design house that had been promising them a website for a year had not made significant progress on the project. In desperation they came to us asking if we could deliver a solid website in two months. We told them no, instead we agreed to deliver them a world class website in two months.

Case Study: Opportunity Stanislaus

The Problem: A world class website does not happen in a two month time frame without some heavy collaboration.  

Our Solution: We like working with designers on large projects - it allows us to do what we do best: build websites.  So we called on Gerbo Designs, and asked them to take over the design and management of this project.

Execution:  We have worked with Gerbo Designs on several projects, and the client was also highly motivated, so things moved along like a well-oiled machine.  This website had a lot of highly custom pieces, and we began working down the list.  We needed everything to run smoothly to make our projected deadlines, and it did.

Results: The client moved the launch date back about a week but we were done with our parts in time for the original launch date.  Both the client and we are super excited about this site.  This is a truly one-of-a-kind website and world class for sure.

Marpé is competing in a very unique and fast paced space. Accounting for startup companies. The owner Glenn is a man of deep character and convictions and had a strong view for what his website should be... and their old website was nothing like that vision. They came to us and we built them a website that lets them punch way above their weight. Competing with the big boys in their own backyard.

Case Study: Marpé Finance

The Problem: Marpé Finance was a smaller player in the highly competitive market space of startup accounting.  They needed a website that would not hold them back but would instead allow them to "punch above their weight."  They also needed a website that would allow them to highlight their larger clients and amazing staff.  

Their old website, which had been built by the founder of the firm, did not match their style, lacked key features that they needed, and was beginning to hurt them on some larger deals.

Our Solution: Marpé had already worked with a top designer to develop a logo and a corporate feel, so our plan was to parlay that design from print documents into a web design.  We also needed to build out custom variations of our team and client plugins.  

Execution:  Some things are easier said than done.  We hit a few bumps in the road on pulling the design from print media into the web.  They are very different mediums with different limitations.  But with some creative thought and hard work, we were able to execute a design that matched their print presence and that satisfied the client.  Building out the features was much easier.

Surprise: Near the end of the project, the client was invited to present his company during a startup competition at UC Berkeley.  This unexpected opportunity shortened our launch timeline, but we were able to pull out all of the stops and get the website up in time for the event.

Results: The client loves the new website, and it no longer stands in the way of landing deals.  On the contrary, his new website gives him a competitive advantage.  They are certainly punching above their weight now.

Mighty tree movers is a business that invites you to "move it, don't lose it." But their old website needs to be told to get lost. We are finishing up the final touches on this website right now, but couldn't wait to show you the results. We moved mountains to make this tree mover website grow on their customers. We especially like the "side scrolling" projects page. Very user friendly if we can say so ourselves.

Case Study: Mighty Tree Movers

The Problem: Mighty Tree Movers' website was anything but "mighty," and their developer had stopped responding to their requests for updates.  In addition, they needed features on their website that would allow them to manage content themselves instead of being beholden to a developer long term.  
Our Solution: What we saw here was an amazing company that was helping to save trees and make the world a greener, better place that needed help.  They had an extensive set of project pictures, and we were dying to get started on this one from our first meeting.  One of their needs was very specific:  they needed to show their inventory of trees.  Trees have specific characteristics that don't tend to fit into most inventory systems, so we decided to build out a custom tree inventory tool for them.
The Result:  This site is very close to being launched right now.  We are waiting on the inventory pictures and descriptions so that we can get it up.  The home page image of the beautiful oak tree speaks volumes to what this company is about.  One piece that was a surprise "win" is the projects pages.  This is a normal plugin for us, but we wanted to increase its accessibility for site visitors.  We customized the plugin to allow the user to jump directly to the next or previous project, and it just worked.  We and the client are both mightily pleased with this site.